Local. Sustainable. Pure.


The future of drinking water has been reinvented. With the sustainability of our Earth in mind, and through the power of visionary design, we can provide perfect water to everyone, everywhere.


90% off grid manufacturing and distribution

100% zero waste and byproduct

100% backyard compostable packaging in 500ML and 1 liters bottles

100% delivery and return model in 750 ML glass bottles


Spring, Mountain, Well, Artesian; What type of water do you buy and where does it come from?  ECO SKY WATER is made locally and does not need to be refined like standard bottle water that is taken from the ground or municipality. No ground runoff, no contamination, no rust due to outdated infrastructure.  Just true H20 with Calcium and Magnesium for taste and maximum health.

  • Barbados alone is the 15th water-scarce nation in the World and finding sustainable solutions for this crisis is a necessity.  ECO SKY WATER is proud to have launched the World's first truly sustainable bottled water company.

  • Our innovative approach is designed to provide clean, safe and toxic-free water, without causing any harm to our environment as no fossil fuels are used to harvest or treat the water for drinking consumption. 

  • Making water an unlimited resource - where not a single drop goes to waste - is created through infrastructure-free devices that produce perfect water without pipes or electrical inputs.

    With our solutions we can offset traditional water collection and distribution to schools, residences, and businesses.

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100%, NON GMO plant based backyard compostable bottles as well as glass on a delivery, wash, and reuse circular distribution.

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Our products are competitively priced as well as sustainable

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We Can Service both homeowners and large retail/hospitality

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Order through email, phone, or website.


  • We believe that we have a social responsibility to not only better the earth but better the peoples lives that encompass it.  In doing so we support local charitable organizations as well as global initiatives.

  • Do you know how long a plastic bottle lasts? 450 years in the marine environment. Everywhere on our island, regardless of how remote, you will find plastic waste being dumped into our gulleys, fields, and most predominantly, our ocean. These plastics slowly fragment into smaller pieces which eventually result in microplastics that never truly dissipate.  This means that every single piece of plastic ever made, is still in existence. There are approximately 51 trillion microscopic pieces of plastic, weighing 269,000 tonnes worldwide.  To better the situation, we are introducing the latest in environmentally-friendly technology to the Caribbean; ECO for Life water bottles. Created from an organic material called PLA, a substance derived from non GMO sugar-based crops, these bottles are artificial chemical and toxin-free, yet biodegradable and backyard compostable. 

ECO SKY WATER will take back your plant based bottles for composting

You can compost them on your own, reuse our bottles over and over as they are not toxic, or you can burn them in your camp fire as they have no fossil fuels to emit.  Don’t just throw them into nature as although they will decompose over time, no one wants to see a bottle just laying around.  And we don’t want to encourage non plant based bottles to join them!!  If you have a great use for your ECO SKY WATER bottle send us a pic @ecoskywater!